We wish to extend our thanks to John and Min Hancock, them having bought "The Queens Arms", and running the pub in the same fashion as when Elsie was at the helm. Very little in the way of ethos and the range of events has changed and John and Min say they are happy to maintain the status quo. It goes without saying that a certain amount of T.L.C. needs to be done but it does not seem to affect the idea that is "Elsie`s". We wish them every success and are happy to assist them in this enterprise.

For the past six months or more they have installed a licencee, Meurig and his family, to keep the pub up and running, them having their own responsibilities of a business and family.. Meurig has introduced some of his own requirements but with wit and determination we can work with him to ensure "Elsie`s Sing & Play" nights continue as in the same fashion.     

         "Elsie`s", (The Queens Arms), offers a venue that has changed materially very little in a hundred years or so. It is supplied by a local brewery, Larkins, as regards beer with three brews available and, following Elsie`s regime,  lager is still not available, bottled or draught. On "Sing and Play Nights", we raffle a bacon joint and  invite the audience contribute £6 per head to cover the costs. . We have been host to the widest range of top guest performers in the "folk music" world and I doubt if there many who are not acquainted with "Elsie`s" highly regarded reputation.           

        For more years than we are willing to admit, every December we hold our "Christmas Frolics Night", an evening for all regulars and visitors, heavily laced with carols and seasonal songs. During the evening we, "Elsie`s Band", with a number of friends present the Cowden Mummers play, the traditional tale of St.George battling against the Turkish Night, Beelzeebub and Mawgor the Dragon in order to save the Queen of Egypt`s daughter, the cast being aided by Mother Christmas,(John Morgan ably playing the role), Little Johnny Jack and the Doctor.It would be fair to say I doubt the play has ever been performed exactly the same way twice, ad lib, topicality and humour being the order of the day.

           In August we hold our "Home Groan Night" inviting our regular contributors as well as any visitors to do their thing, no guest performers being in attendance.           

              Below are a few songs, a number to be heard on our CD, "Cutaway Mike", giving a flavour of "Elsie`s Band", some featuring Tony, our late good friend and band member. Just click on the titles below to hear them.