ELSIE`S BAND


                        During our time at "Elsie`s" it played its part in keeeping our friends and visitors informed of our guests 

                        and events but sadly this is now all behind us. Funnily enough, and I don`t understand it, we are still owners

                        of the domain name for another year but I shall not be able to edit the site.


                                        www.elsiesband. com              John Hills:- 01732762224                           19/08/2020                                     

                                           "They sang the songs they all did know, the brewers then were Kelseys.                             

                                                You once could hear them sung again on Saturday nights at "Elsie`s".

   This is "Elsie`s Band" new site providing information about us. The pictures above feature the late Tony Deane, our dear friend and band member but we, David, Iris and myself are carrying on with the same repertoire as a trio.

      We can offer you an enjoyable, humourous and informative evening of songs and music from the traditional, folk and topical

    genres. We are sure you would not be disappointed. The CD "Cutaway Mike" as shown above may be obtained from David on the number below.

                                                                                     01732 862862


                                                                                        ELSIE`S BAND:-

David Watts, singer and songwriter and the best "pyrotechnie" on the folk music scene, if you wish to know a thing about fireworks, ask David.

  Iris Bishop, one of the country`s best exponents of duet concertina and accordion, playing with a number of great bands and

    regularly accompanying Martyn Wyndham-Read. Also her expertise in knitting and associated design is second to none.

John Hills, singer, songwriter and musician on guitar, mandolin and harmonica. He also enjoys a round of golf.




                                                                              PROGRAMME FOR 2020  

                                 We managed to run only three months with Bob Kenward, Chris Wood and Tony Hall, the Coronavirus

                                 emergency forcing the shut down. It is most unlikely that "ELSIE`S" will ever run again in the fashion we

                                have maintained for decades. John and Min Hancock, owners of "The Queens Arms", have modernised

                                the premises and now offer it as a holiday let. 





                                                                                      Review of 2019                      

                    The year 2019 proved to be most rewarding with the songs, music, humour and tales from the following line up

                     of notable artists. The year started with Three Hags Pull followed by Will and Wolfie, Carolyn Robson, Jim Causley,

                     Will Noble, Mary Humphreys and Anahata then Triage. Due to unforeseen circumstances our August "Home Groan"

.                    was cancelled but the rest of the year was amply filled with Four Gone Conclusion, Dave Webber and Anni Fentiman,                     The Twagger Band and our annual Christmas Capers and Mumming Play once again featuring John Morgan, Will

.                   Duke, Kevin Henty, Dave Watts, Dave Andrews, Tony Gowan and John Hills. It was a storming night with our ever

                    welcome friend of "Elsie`s", Martyn Wyndham-Read attending with his captivating singing, The night would not be

                     complete without Iris Bishop and "Elsie`s Band"  and Jim Ward.   


                     As a special event requested by a group of regulars that had attended the "Nutley Arms" Carols night in Reigate

                     for many years, Dave Andrews and myself held the evening with a very enthusiastic group in attendance in "The

                     Yard" at Reigate Railway station. Unfortunately Johnny Parker, our "orchestra" was un-able to attend. He was sorely

                    missed. It was a nostalgic night for many of us, remembering the "Nutley Arms" nights with Tony, Audrey and Mick.

                    If all goes well the organisers have requested we do the same next year. 




                   David and I chalked up another May Day at Padstow.The "Osses" and bands up to scratch, good pub singing,

                  a decent pint and meals and The Cape Cornwall Singers doing their stuff all over town, The event seems to go on

                  longer and longer each year. in fact I would not be surprised if the drums and accordions were still playing over the

                  weekend. Good on `em. We missed the Merrymakers with their enjoyable mayhem but the Maypole dancing was as

                  well attended as ever.The weather for the whole of our week there quite manageable but a persistent west/nor

                 westerly breeze made you thankful for a warm coat on occasions. We had a superb walk along the south coast around

                 Nare Point, overlooking great bay on slightly cloudy, fresh day in the company of our dear friend, Bob Husband

                 where we lunched at "The New Inn", Veryan. All in all another good one chalked up. The Second Day of May was o.k. for

                 my usual golf morning at Trevose.  "Oss, Oss, We Oss"